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Black skirt with a beautifully arranged frill.

A black skirt with a frill trimmed with a wide crinoline is a unique creation that combines elegance, romanticism and a certain bold character.

The skirt is fitted at the waist, which emphasizes the feminine silhouette and gives it a classic cut. From the waist, the skirt expands downwards, giving it lightness and looseness. This flared cut is due to the frill that adorns the entire lower part of the skirt.

The frill is a spectacular addition that gives the skirt a dynamic and expressive look. It is trimmed with a wide crinoline, which makes the valance gain volume and float slightly in the air. This is a beautiful effect, especially when walking or dancing, which gives the creation a certain sensual movement.

A distinctive feature of this skirt is the difference in length between the front and back. The front of the skirt is shorter, which allows you to subtly expose your legs, adding a certain courage and feminine charm. The back of the skirt is longer, reaching below the knees, which gives the skirt a romantic character.

The black color adds elegance and versatility to the Camellia skirt, allowing it to be easily combined with various blouses or tops.

This black skirt with a frill and crinoline is an unusual creation that will certainly attract attention and make you feel like a special lady with a hint of romance and a bit of courage.

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Model: Aleksandra Nowina-Konopka


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