Dance is our passion

We love to go through life with a dance step. We want everyone, who takes even one step on a dance floor, to feel the same that we do. Therefore, we created a brand, that is the fullest expression of our love to dance – and at the same time, the effect of a long-term experience and success at the Polish and international scene. We know many dance secrets. Discover them with us!

Senga is the first Polish company designing and producing top-quality training clothing for most of the dancing styles currently present on the market. But our clothing means something more than just comfort, elegance, and a fabulous look. It means passion, sensuality, untamed emotion, and unlimited source of inspiration. We are sure that all of the above will always accompany on the dance floor amateur, as well as professional dancers. Because Senga dances with you!

Agnieszka Malczyk Senga

We are inspired my motion

We know very well, that the well-chosen outfit is the best partner at the dance floor. No partner knows you body better, no partner will react better to your smallest motion. Senga dancewear were designed to stress and highlight your every move. Give it grace, expression, and seduction. Thereby, an instructor can easily realize some mistakes (or good habits), and the performance will be a real treat for the audience.

Solo or in pairs? Classic or modern? No matter how you like to dance, what style you prefer, and what is your experience, in our collection you will definitely find something interesting for yourself. And from the first moment you will feel exceptional on a dance floor. All of our products are not only individually designed to fit the needs of various groups of dancers, but also produced from the carefully selected, elastic fabrics, that perfectly work in dance, react subtly to motion, and correct any imperfections of the silhouette. We cooperate with the best tailor shops in Poland.

From a dancer to dancers

Senga means not only passion and creativity, but also professionalism and experience. The foundress of the company is Agnieszka Malczyk – professional dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor, for more than 20 years active in dance environment. She owns two international dance classes: ,,A” in Latin-americal style, and ,,S” in Ballroom. She participated in numerous tournaments in Poland and abroad. In 2004 she took a first place at the Polish Championship in Salsa, and she represented Poland at the World Championship and at the Street Mambo in Italy. For 10 year she’s been a certified instructor.

The combination of incurable love to dance and years-long experience, makes the designed by Agnieszka clothing perfectly meet the requirements of dancers at all stages of advancement. We will do whatever we can, to make sure that everyone, who once tried to dance in Senga, will not want to dance in anything else.

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