Black jumpsuit with short sleeves and shorts.

Black Para Para jumpsuit is a stylish and comfortable outfit that combines the elegance of a skirt with the comfort and freedom of shorts. It is the perfect choice for women who want to look chic while feeling comfortable.

The jumpsuit has short shorts with a loose cut that give it lightness and freedom of movement. Thanks to them, you can enjoy full freedom while dancing, without sacrificing feminine elegance.

One of the characteristic elements of this suit are short, loose sleeves that perfectly match the entire structure of the outfit. These short sleeves add lightness and subtlety while showing off the beauty of the arms.

In addition, the jumpsuit has a belt at the waist with a decorative buckle. This belt not only emphasizes the waist, but also gives the whole outfit an elegant touch. A decorative buckle can be a designer element that attracts attention and adds uniqueness to the suit.

Black color gives the jumpsuit universality and timelessness. It’s a classic choice that fits many occasions and styles. It can be worn both for formal outings and more casual meetings, adapting accessories and footwear to the circumstances.

This black jumpsuit with shorts is a great alternative to traditional dresses or skirts. Its combination of elegance, comfort and unique design makes it sure to attract positive looks and let you feel exceptional and stylish in every situation.

Model: Wiktoria Malmon & Aleksandra Nowina-Konopka


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L, M, S, XS


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