Elegant cornflower jumpsuit with lace.

The cornflower Bluet jumpsuit is a sophisticated and versatile outfit that perfectly combines comfort with elegance. It’s the perfect choice for both dancing and more elegant outings that will delight with their class and style.

The jumpsuit has an elegant, deep shade of cornflower blue, which gives it a timeless beauty. It is a color that fits many occasions and goes well with various accessories, creating unique and stylish stylizations.

The wide legs of the jumpsuit provide freedom of movement while dancing, making it a great choice for active dancers who want to feel comfortable and comfortable on the dance floor.

The loose lace sleeves are a sophisticated detail that adds a touch of softness and feminine charm to the jumpsuit. Sleeves made of lace add elegance and subtlety, emphasizing the feminine nature of the outfit.

The lace blouse is another delightful element of this jumpsuit. Made of a delicate material, it adds lightness and unique charm. Lace blouse emphasizes the neckline and shoulders, adding subtlety and elegance to the whole styling.

The Bluet jumpsuit has a belt with an elegant buckle that emphasizes the waist, giving it lightness and emphasizing the feminine silhouette. The buckle and belt are decorative elements that add a unique character to the jumpsuit and make it look really elegant and stylish.


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Model: Wiktoria Malmon


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L, M, S, XS


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