Blouse with asymmetrical sleeves.

The Lily Blouse is a stylish and versatile piece of clothing that is sure to be appreciated in both Latin and Standard dance. It is an ideal choice for dancers who appreciate freedom of movement and elegance at the same time.

The blouse is available in three fashionable colors: red, blue and black. Each of these colors adds character and allows you to create a variety of styles, depending on preferences and occasions.

Asymmetrical, loose sleeves are the key element of this blouse, which gives it a unique character. The sleeves drape beautifully during the dance, adding dynamism and sensual movement, which attracts attention and adds self-confidence on the dance floor.

The Lily Blouse is specially designed for Latin American and Standard dance, making it a great choice for active dancers who want to combine style with comfort during every training session.

The V-neck emphasizes the neckline and neckline, adding subtle femininity and charm to the blouse. It is a universal neckline that fits different silhouettes and decorates both more formal and casual stylizations.

The Lily blouse is finished with a welt, which allows you to wear it both on top, as a separate element of the outfit, and inside, under other clothes. This makes it an extremely versatile blouse that can be adapted to different occasions and styles.

In the photos, the model is wearing a Lily blouse with a skirt  CAMELLIA

Model: Wiktoria Malmon & Aleksandra Nowina-Konopka


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L, M, S, XS


black, blue, red


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